Research and Development

Since it was founded in 1993, CT Associates, Inc. has built a reputation for creative, high-quality R&D. From our technology base in contamination control, particle technology and filtration, we have grown into other areas including slurry characterization and permeation measurement and modeling. We have the expertise and analytical equipment necessary to assist you in new product development and to solve your particular engineering or manufacturing problem.


CT Associates, Inc. offers a broad range of testing related to contamination measurement, slurry and colloidal suspension particle size distribution measurement (≥ 5 nanometers), and accelerated life testing. Contamination testing includes semiconductor industry standard tests, such as SEMI F57 and SEMI F104. Tests developed in house include accelerated life tests of system components in chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries and aggressive acids including: hydroflouric (HF), hydrochloric (HCl, and hot sulfric. as well as static and dynamic extraction testing for trace metals. We have the capability to develop cost-effective, application-specific tests for your particular needs.


CT Associates, Inc. engineers draw upon more than 85 years of hands-on technical experience in contamination and filtration in high-purity liquids and gases. With expertise ranging from initial product development, material and product testing and production design and implementation, we can provide technical support and direction at any stage of your high-purity product or production cycle.