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Performance and Reliability Testing

Test for Valve Reliability

Test for Valve Reliability Relevant Publication

CT Associates, Inc. has developed a broad range of in-house tests as an offshoot of our R&D efforts. Our testing services can be used to supplement your R&D or for third party certification.

We have the analytical equipment and facilities to handle aggressive chemicals such as hydrochloric (HCl) and Hydrofluoric (HF). We also design custom tests, such as component performance at high temperature.

We also design custom tests such as life testing in hot sulfuric and phosporic acid and sulfuric-ozone mixture (SOM) and the measurement accuracy of on line instruments such as conductivity probes.

Port-to-port leak test of valves run in slurry

Port-to-port leak test of valves run in slurry

Examples of our testing capability include:

  • Industry-specific tests such as SEMI F57 and F104
  • Reliability test under typical or agressive use conditions
  • Accelerated life tests
  • Flow control and measurement
  • On-line instrument validation
  • Conductivity tests
  • Titration
  • Gas or liquid permeation through polymers
  • Chemical-mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries