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Particles in High-Purity Fluids

CT Associates, Inc. has built a strong reputation for thorough, innovative work in identifying and measuring particulate contaminants in high-purity liquids. We assess individual component cleanliness by measuring particle shedding process chemicals and ultrapure water (UPW).

Typical Test Configuration for Valve Cycling Particle Test

Typical Test Configuration for Valve Cycling Particle Test. Relevant Publication

Particle measurement technology is used to determine filtration efficiency or to determine the change out frequency required for process filters. Particles in High Purity Our ability to capture and analyze of particles helps identify and remove sources of contamination.

Although our focus is primarily particle technology in liquids, our experience in aerosol science as graduate students in the Particle Technology Laboratory at the University of Minnesota has also led to various air-borne particle projects including: measurement of atmospheric aerosol during numerous field experiments, development of aerosol measuring instruments, and measurement of retention efficiencies of HEPA gas filters for industrial applications. On-site particle and contamination assessment is also available for processes or equipment not suited for lab testing.