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Sub 50-nanometer Filter Testing

Sub 50-nanometer Filter Testing. Relevant Publication

CT Associates engineers have been working in filtration and chemical cleanliness for more than thirty years. We have the capability to measure removal of silica, PSL and other particles as small as 5 nanometers from liquids.

Retention of 28nm Silica by 4 Filters Types

Retention of 28-nanometer Silica by 4 Filters Types. Relevant Publication

Models made from these retention data can be used to predict field performance and filter lifetime. Information we can provide about particle passage, pressure drop across filters and integrity are invaluable in new filter development.

Standard integrity, pore size and retention tests can be adapted or new methodologies developed for your specific filtration needs. When it makes sense to move testing to your facility, CT Associates can build a test system and train your employees in its proper use and maintenance.