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Contamination Control

Contamination of fluid systems can come in many forms and from many sources. Our experience in high-purity component testing and clean system design provides a unique capability to identify and eliminate contamination.

Trace Metal Extraction of High-purity Component in Hydrochloric Acid

Trace Metal Extraction of a High-purity Component in Hydrochloric Acid. Relevant Publication

Working in the design phase, CT Associates can provide direction in clean design concepts and material selection. Contamination testing can be performed to ensure materials and components selected for use in your system, meet the purity levels established. Contamination Control Once clean designs, materials and components are selected, we can work with your manufacturers/production personnel to ensure appropriate clean manufacturing methods and quality assurance protocols are used.

Often, contamination problems are not evident until systems reach the field. CT Associates can work with clients onsite to measure and analyze contamination problems. From measurement of particles, organic and inorganic concentration to contamination capture and analysis, we are equipped to solve challenging contamination problems.