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Qualification of components for high purity water, chemical and slurry systems.


Gary Van Schooneveld
CT Associates, Inc.


The reduction in semiconductor device critical dimensions puts pressure on the suppliers of fluid handling components and systems to continuously reduce their contamination contribution. The ITRS’s (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors) critical dimension for a number of devices is below the detection limit of commercially available particle counting instruments. Industry standard test methods such as SEMI F57 and F40 have not necessarily kept up with the requirements being identified by the ITRS and end users.

This paper will discuss testing methods available to the industry to qualify components and materials used in ultrapure water and chemical delivery and process applications. In addition, it will look at testing methods for evaluating the impact of components on slurry particle size distribution. Approaches for establishing contamination specifications for systems and components will be presented based on the testing methods discussed.

Semiconductor FabTech, January, 2008

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