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CT Associates, Inc. has 9 patents and 3 patents pending. Of the issued patents, 7 are assigned to CTA clients.

  1. “HEPA Filter printhead protection,” US Patent # 7,207,671, Issued April 24, 2007. Morris; Brian G. (Dayton, OH), Grant; Donald Clarke (Excelsior, MN), Gajus; Thomas Alan (West Chester, OH).
  2. “System and Method for Liquid Filtration Based on a Neutral Filter Material,” US Patent Application 2002/0011450 A1 filed January 31, 2002, European Patent Number 07102381.6-2113 issued April 11, 2007. Kelly; Wayne (Prior Lake, MN), Grant; Donald (Excelsior, MN), Goddard; Philip (Nashua, NH), Thom; Volkmar (Chelmsford, MA).
  3. “Apparatus and method for minimizing the generation of particles in ultrapure liquids,” US Patent # 7,188,644 B2, Issued March 13, 2007. Kelly; Wayne (Prior Lake, MN) Chilcote; Dennis (Minneapolis, MN).
  4. “Dilution Apparatus and Method of Diluting a Liquid Sample,” US Patent #6,947,126, issued September 20, 2005. Grant; Donald C. (Excelsior, MN), Litchy; Mark R. (Plymouth, MN), Nicholes; Mary Kristin (Eden Prairie, MN).
  5. “Apparatus and method for sampling a chemical-mechanical polishing slurry,” US Patent # 6,783,429, Issued August 31, 2004. Nicholes; Mary Kristin (Eden Prairie, MN), Carlson; Stephen John (Shorewood, MN), Litchy; Mark R. (Plymouth, MN).
  6. “Cleaner composition, method for making and using same,” US Patent #6,310,017. Issued October 30, 2001. Grant; Donald C. (Excelsior, MN), Litchy; Mark R. (Plymouth, MN)
  7. “Chemical blending system with titrator control,” US Patent #5,924,794, issued July 20, 1999. O’Dougherty; Kevin T. (Minneapolis, MN), Lemke; Travis A. (St. Paul, MN), Grant; Donald C. (Exelsior, MN).
  8. “Dynamic contaminant extraction measurement for chemical distribution systems,” US Patent #5,641,895. Issued June 24, 1997. Grant; Donald C. (Excelsior, MN).
  9. “Point-of-use recycling of wafer cleaning substances,” US Patent #5,632,866, issued May 27, 1997. Grant, Donald C. (Excelsior, MN).